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      The very core of our business is partnering with clients to drive tactical learning initiatives, in
      pursuit of strategic business objectives; at organisational, departmental and individual levels.


      Typically, we advise and coach senior executives (HR, L&D or line) within client organisations to
      determine and embed key priority activities, leading to measurable business outcomes.

You have a group of newly appointed managers who need to manage projects for the first time. How do you ensure they retain and use the skills they learn, and manage their projects better in the future?  The blend of learning methods to make sure this happens could include:


  • Prework using our online Learning Institute

  • A one- or two-day training course

  • Face-to-face or telephone coaching

  • A cross-functional project with other delegates to demonstrate and practise new skills

Our passion is the tactical application of integrated approaches to learning, in order to make organisational development 'sticky' and ensuring sustainability over the long term. Finding an optimum blend of learning methodology for our clients ensures both user acceptance and realistic ROI.


We were formed in 2004 in response to requests to offer greater variety in learning solutions, and to support enhanced applications in real time. We pride ourselves in making our support business relevant, available at the point of application, and appealing to a variety of learning styles.


We are all experienced business leaders who thrive on building in depth relationships with our key stakeholders at all levels. Our coaching and mentoring style offers both support and challenge according to the needs and demands of the individual or groups we are working with.

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Learning is in our DNA... Is it in YOURS?

About ML&C

  • Integrated learning solutions designed and delivered with you in mind

  • Sustainable change through 'sticky learning'

  • An approach to engage all learning styles and personality preferences

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