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"I thought it was excellent and very useful! The trainer was Sue Blow, who does executive coaching and I’ve met her before on the excellent Presentation Skills course. Role play was replaced with “real play”, which was good as a point of “professional therapy” to work through some scenarios. I would certainly be interested in looking at the advanced coaching course at a later date.”

“I found this a very useful ‘soft skills’ training day and I learnt some techniques that I think will be a real benefit to me. I liked the trainer and her style. She clearly knew her subject and gave constructive feedback. She had a great sense of humour and made the whole process very enjoyable. Even the role-plays were not intimidating and I felt I had a chance to interact will all the other delegates. The content was very relevant and we also had enough time to practice the techniques as well. I will certainly be applying these techniques, and not necessarily just at work. Overall, I think it was a worthwhile course.”

“Very useful!  Great delivery style. Relevant content, we decided as a team the content at start. Can apply what I learnt. Would love to know more (lots more reading to do!!!) if there is ever an advanced (or next step) course then I would certainly be interested.”


“Sue is really engaging and obviously comes with a lot of experience.  It’s great to be trained by someone who can pull things back from real world examples.  I’d definitely recommend the course to anyone who is struggling with development discussions, or are struggling to get people to commit to things.”

“Awesome enthusiasm for the subject.”



Catering Services Company


"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the course and how well Sue explained different concepts.  Sue managed to include humour into the course, encouraging a relaxed environment.  I found the content was pitched at the right level for myself and at the end of the day felt I had learnt a lot about coaching to the extent I am keen to start on my team asap!”

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