In the world of private and public operations, people still need stimulus to remember to practise and learn. It's only natural, as deadlines and other seemingly important tasks and activities get in the way of personal development and expertise.


Having commissioned a learning event, some coaching, online learning or other activity, the value of the event is soon lost if we allow it to be.

Thus we seek continuously to expand our portfolio of integrated learning methods for you by making best use of resources such as technology, work-based projects, coaching and mentoring, peer-to-peer learning, online resources, to name but a few.


We listen very closely to our clients to unlock not only the 'what' you are looking for, but also the 'how'. We will help you make even better use of the resources you already have within your organisation.

How we do it

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What We Do

Learning is in our DNA... Is it in YOURS?

About ML&C

  • Integrated learning solutions designed and delivered with you in mind

  • Sustainable change through 'sticky learning'

  • An approach to engage all learning styles and personality preferences

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