HR Directors and Managers


             How do you find out what skills/capabilities people need for the work they do?


Organisations can spend a lot of time and money developing management competencies for senior, middle and first line managers and then applying them to the differing positions and levels.  The problem is that no one person's position is exactly like the next, and to find out this information could be hugely expensive.

Our solution - The Institute's Online Coach

The manager answers a series of questions in the Online Coach, which produce

a prioritised list of core competencies or skills that they need to be good at for

the work they do. They can test how good they are at these individual

capabilities and then, based on those scores, fill the gaps in their knowledge and

skills by following a learning pathway.



Benefit to the organisation

  1. This solution is very inexpensive. By combining all the results, you will be able to see the highest priority competences the workforce needs to do their work. This is extremely useful in then checking where you are currently spending your limited budget versus what the organisation needs.

  2. Additionally, it will help you to compare the needs of the organisation, which you will have vision'd

    in your business planning, against the skill sets and capabilities your managers have now, and then

    plan how to meet the gaps in knowledge in the current team.  It can also help guide your recruitment plans.

  3. You will be able to see who is taking the initiative to improve themselves (we can provide the records of how many times a person uses the Institute). A crude but effective way of identifying the people who have the get up and go and who might fit your talent criteria.

Benefit to the individual

By making it personal to the individual, and by providing a way to resolve the gaps in their learning, the individual manager can start to work on their skills directly. An example of the opposite effect is, you complete a 360 and the individual gets an idea of what they could be improving, based on subjective judgements, but is then left with no way of filling the gaps in their knowledge or skills because the budget doesn't allow them to go on courses, or the next course isn't for a number of months.

How do you provide more than one opportunity to learn for those who demand it when the budget isn't unlimited?


Provide learning pathways for managers to follow and watch how many use it.  This will give you an indication of how keen they are to learn and then whether they are the talent you wish to develop.

What else can I use the Institute for?

  1. Use the Institute to support your own internal training.  By providing the facility to learn
    beyond the classroom, you facilitate deeper learning. It will also enable to you identify
    those with the will to learn and get on in your organisation - a way to identify your talent


  2. Provide individuals with a facility to learn at their own pace and targeted at the things that
    will provide the most useful outcomes for them


  3. Provide an inexpensive route to nationally accredited qualifications

  4. Provide instant access to information that will answer those questions your HR team are probably answering now, which will free them up to do their jobs more effectively

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