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ML&C is a licensed ILM centre, thus everything we do for our clients has at its foundation the standards

of the ILM (Institute of Learning & Management). Whether or not you choose to offer ILM accreditation

to your managers, we use our close association with, and our knowledge of, the ILM to guide our design

process – for workshops, webinars, operational coaching plans and online learning pathways.



Why ILM accreditation?


An ILM accreditation offers your managers and aspiring managers a universally recognisable level of attainment, not only of academic learning, but also of practical mastery. Certification by the ILM is recognised across industry sectors and at every level of management and leadership.


ILM accreditation makes a statement, not only to your employees and potential employees of

the future, it also differentiates you in the eyes of your customers, partners and suppliers, as

well as the professional and trade bodies which represent organisations in your sector.


How many organisations state 'our people are our most important resource'?


And how many demonstrate this in the investment they are making in that resource?


Why choose ML&C as your ILM partner?


Over the past few years, a number of academic institutions have branched out into offering ILM accreditation for their classroom-based packages. Unlike many of these, ML&C is able to offer the flexibility you need for the managers and aspiring managers in your organisation; flexibility in learning methods, in topics, in practical application opportunities and in assessment methods.


Choose the best level for your managers and the best qualifications - Award, Certificate and Diploma levels require differing levels of time, commitment and opportunity for practical applications in the workplace.


Do you have a business project that requires researching, planning, managing or implementing? Why not turn it into an ILM opportunity for your high potential managers or aspiring managers?


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