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“I attended the Leadership and Development course that you took on the 15th and 16th September. I was just emailing you to say thank you. It has inspired me so much and made me analyse the way that I act/communicate toward others. My first task of the day is to complete a communications map to analyse who I communicate with and how I can improve on it. I hope that I get the opportunity soon to absorb some more of the intellect you impart. Thank you once again.”

“Just wanted to use this moment to thank you for giving your time to deliver the leadership course on Wednesday. It was quite enlightening how one day of discussions could have such an impact. I definitely feel so much more empowered and hope we cross paths again at some point.”



Care Sector


“Just sat here thinking about all I have achieved over the past week. I am so pleased with the training so far. It has already started to make a difference in how I feel. I am actually starting to believe in my own abilities rather than being told I am good at what I do.  I have already off loaded lots of monkeys and I am showing the Seniors how to do the same in things that they can off load to the Learning Support Workers.”


“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the first two days of the leadership course last week.  It is so refreshing to be on a course that is relevant and very focused on what we do specifically as senior staff.  It is also great to be with others who are willing to share ideas and learn from each other. Diana is a fantastic tutor and has taken on board everything we discussed in the first meeting back in June. Thank you Diana!”


“Just wanted to drop a few lines to say thank you for adding my name to the leadership programme! I was a little hesitant as I was part of the MDP but if today is anything to go by, I think this will be a very different experience. I came away from today feeling very positive about what’s in store; lots of reasons for this... Diana appeared to have an interest in what we wanted and had to say; rather than dictating what we should be learning and need to be knowing. I liked the way that although she was facilitating the day- it was actually us that were doing that!”


“Our course was amazing, I'm still thinking of  'and' instead of 'but', bums on gate posts and heaps of other stuff.  I can honestly say that was the first course that I have been on that has left me feeling enriched, energised and raring to go..........or not when it comes to a supervision on personal hygiene!”

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