Private Individuals, aspiring managers, new to management or experienced managers


The Institute provides you with this unique facility.





Step 1.  Identify what you need to be good at in the job you do or are aspiring to do.  By

taking the Online Coach questionnaire, the Institute will rank, in order of priority, what

skills and competencies you need to be good at in the job you do or are aspiring to do.


Step 2.  Identify how good you are at each of the skills and competencies the Institute

has identified you need to be good at.  You can then take a test in each of these areas

and determine the gaps in your knowledge.


Step 3.  Fill those gaps in your knowledge. Follow the learning pathways set out for you

by the Institute, to enable you to learn and fill those knowledge gaps.



Benefits of this approach

Save time by only addressing the skills and competency gaps that are unique to you and the job you do.


Get up the learning curve in the most efficient and effective way possible.


If we add in access to over 6,000 articles, 137b interactive exercises and over 70 top ten tips, you will appreciate that this is a huge resource that will allow you to learn in your own way and at your own speed. 

In the job you do or the job you want, what do you need to be good at to be able to do the job well?

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Yes, is the simple answer, right from Certificate in Management to achieving Membership of the Institute of Management.  Just email us at and we will guide you through your options.

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