Project Management


The reality of today's fast paced business climate and lean organisations means many people are being

asked to multitask. Whether you are an experienced project manager, or someone who has to manage

projects on top of their day job, the real life challenges of managing projects are:



  • Incomplete requirements and unrealistic expectations

  • Impossible deadlines set by clients/boss

  • No time for thinking or planning

  • Activities driven by urgency

  • Lack of user involvement

  • Unable to say 'no' - fear of being seen as being negative

  • Lack of resources, so having to do it yourself

  • Limited, or no, executive support

  • Changing requirements



Working with you and your stakeholders, we can identify the

exact learning needs of those managing projects in your organisation.

We can then create an integrated programme which will offer the right

mix of theory, process and pragmatic skills practice.


Transfer of learning to the workplace has always been at the forefront

of our thinking. We do this by:


  • Engaging people with the realities they face in the workplace

  • Helping them to appreciate the impact of their current choice of

  • Exploring with them, and getting them to experience, other ways
    to behave and work

  • Giving them simple to remember processes and tools


These processes and tools include finding out why they are doing the project, what they have to do and how they can do it. Combining 'planning the work' to gain the information to exercise control, with 'working the plan' to get people to do the work, gives delegates a simple and effective method of approaching projects.


Add to this the Top Ten Tips and the four things that really great project managers do better than anyone else, and your project managers will have the knowledge and skills to become great professional project managers. They will have the confidence of knowing how to be successful in delivering projects on time, within budget and to the expectations of the people who will benefit from the project.


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