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Step forward the part-time Project Manager

June 10, 2015

Just recently I’ve been working with a number of our clients, helping them manage their projects more effectively. It surprises me the number of people who say ‘Yeah, I’ve managed projects’, yet when I dig a little deeper I find they’ve had very little or no formal training. It turns out that their manager gave them a project to do and that is the validation of their statement.


Being a seasoned project manager, I’ve been on courses ranging from one day to two weeks and managed more projects than I care to remember, some good and some pretty awful. Now, I spend time in my shed and I enjoy a bit of DIY like the next person; imagine if I said ‘Yeah, I can turn my hand to engineering’. What would the response be? Probably not repeatable here.


The other statement I often hear from clients that gets me excited is ‘We are different’. By different I mean the industry sector. And that’s not true either. Project management has a set of clearly defined principles that are core, regardless of industry sector, size and complexity.


Look out for a series of blogs coming up over the next few weeks where I will be discussing these core principles in greater depth, and exploring the group of people who are often completely ignored by the Project Management community, namely line managers and team leaders. More and more these people are being asked to manage an entire project or part of a larger complex one alongside their full-time day job.






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At what point does developing your people become critical to your success?

May 6, 2016

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