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Demystifying project management for all

March 24, 2017


Everywhere you go, projects are being managed: why do some seem to find the task more daunting than others?


One reason is something we call 'the Hidden Realities'.


For most people who have a 'day job' to be done, the project is often allocated over and above their day-to-day tasks and objectives; how projects are allocated may be on the basis:


  • You just happen to be standing there

  • You can't say no to the boss (or anyone else who asks) - or don't know how to say no

  • You're the technical expert

  • You're the 'go-to' person to solve all manner of problems, just because you've been there the longest

  • Everybody took a step backwards except you when the boss asked for volunteers

  • In the team meeting, you picked up the flipchart pen and got 'volunteered'


Whether you proactively volunteered or were volunteered, the result is the same. For many, the first thought is 'What am I supposed to do now?'


What can often happen is this:


  • Your own natural instincts kick in

  • You start telling people what to do, even though you have no idea yourself

  • You do what you do best, start solving other people's problems and challenges

  • You get moving by starting to do technical tasks

  • You make huge assumptions about what the sponsor wants, perhaps with no relation to what the end user wants it to be, do and have

  • You don't draw up a plan and just use the team's initial enthusiasm to get started


There are, of course, consequences to this:


  • 84% of all projects, from the largest to the smallest, fail to meet time, cost and quality expectations according to research done at DOW Chemicals

  • Projects overrun, people get disheartened, the business incurs cost through wasted resource, and the end user often ends up with something that at best nearly does the job, and at worst is unusable


What's the solution?


Give your people the opportunity to find out how they should start a project, why planning is invaluable and how to manage the practical challenges and hidden realities that all part-time and full-time project managers face.


They can take part in a face to face workshop or online through tailored web classes and coaching. You choose. For more information please contact us at info@management-learning.co.uk or 020 7183 0081. We're looking forward to your call.

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