Skills Workshops

With the plethora of communications methods these days, you do

not need to be sitting in a training room to 'receive' information.  Indeed,

our clients continually challenge us to find new ways of integrating learning

into the workplace, using technology, individual research and the resources

available to delegates from within the organisation (intranet, functional specialists,

mentors, for example). We try to focus the workshop time on the why and the how rather than the what.


According to John Adair's Action-centred Leaderhip model (below), good managers and leaders should be proficient in three main areas; managing the task, the team and the individuals within the team. Being able to do all of these things, and keep the right balance, gets results, builds morale, improves quality, develops teams and productivity, and is the mark of a successful manager and leader.


We run skills workshops in a number of areas, each designed with a specific audience in mind. Some examples are:

Team-based Skills

Task Based Skills

  • Priority management

  • Report writing

  • Finance for non-financial managers

  • Project management

  • Selling skills

  • Account management

  • Customer care

  • Finance for sales teams

  • Meetings facilitation

  • Commercial acumen

  • Holding difficult conversations

  • Recruitment & selection

  • Performance management

  • Change management

  • Stress; your role as a manager

  • Effective teamwork

  • Managing a dysfunctional team

  • The manager as coach

  • The manager as mentor

  • Setting and reviewing goals

  • Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)

Task, Team, Individual

Individual Skills

  • Grow your resilience

  • Confident negotiator

  • Effective communicator

  • Presenting skills with panache

  • Writing with confidence

  • Persuasion and influencing

  • Confidence - the inner game

  • Effective facilitation skills

  • Personal effectiveness

  • Career coaching

  • Personality profiling


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