Building Winning Teams

Webcam pc screen view during group video

Online workshop aims

To develop your team participation and team leadership skills. To give you strategies to get to know other team members well, understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, build trust and explore how the team deals with conflict. To help you create high-performing teams and ensure as a team you share a vision for the future.

Webinar 1: Team Beginnings

  • Introduction and Objectives

  • Why Teams Matter

  • Teams, groups and coalitions

  • Why use teams?

  • What makes an effective team?

  • Stages of team development

  • Personal experience

  • Collective wisdom

  • Team Behaviours

  • Behaviours, motives and personal values

Webinar 2: Importance of Trust

The Five Dysfunctions of teams and how to recognise, rectify and avoid them             

  • Dysfunction 1: Absence of Trust
    - Issues at stake
    - Letting down guard about strengths, weaknesses, ideas, etc.
    - Practical exercise
    - Sitting at the shallow end to get comfortable about going deeper

  • Dysfunction 2: Fear of Conflict
    - Issues at stake:
    - Productive, ideological conflict
    - Passionate, unfiltered debate around issues of importance to the team
    - Discomfort is OK

Webinar 4: Getting the Team Back on Track

  • Dysfunction 5: Inattention to Results
    - Issues at stake:
    - True measure of the team is it accomplishes the results it sets out to achieve
    - Team members must prioritise results of the team over their individual needs in order to avoid distractions
    - To stay focused, the team must publicly clarify their desired results and keep them visible

Webinar 3: When Teams Have Problems

  • Dysfunction 3: Lack of Commitment
    - Issues at stake:
    - Commitment enabled through conflict
    - Avoidance of assumptions and ambiguity
    - Buy-in not consensus

  • Dysfunction 4: Lack of Accountability
    - Issues at stake:
    - For a culture of accountability to thrive, the leader must demonstrate a willingness to confront difficult issues