Business Plan Writing

Image by William Iven

Online workshop aims

There is a tried and tested process to writing formal documents that short-circuits the problems of writer’s block and excessive self-critique. This business plan writing workshop is intended to take delegates through this process and support them with the skills and techniques to produce a plan that is comprehensive and above all readable.

A key aim of the workshop will be to identify the ‘independent variables’ which the author of a business plan can change so that the style and tone of documents can be adapted to suit different purposes, readerships and preferences.

Webinar 1: What is the Business Plan?

  • Setting context and agreeing key objectives

  • Problems with writing
    −  For the writer and readership
    −  Confidence vs competence
    −  The importance of asking the key questions

  • The writing process steps: purpose, planning, production

  • Purpose and readership of the business plan
    − Test your assumptions
    − How to ensure acceptance of the plan

Webinar 2: Planning Your Writing

  • Style and tone – how to write a business plan that is read, understood and acted upon

  • Gaining agreement

  • How you add value through your writing

  • Persuasive writing – getting agreement

Webinar 3: Production

  • George Orwell’s Rules

  • Word choice, style, type of document

  • The art of summarising

Webinar 4: Polishing and Next Steps

  • How to check and polish your documents

  • Further writing exercises, tutor support and peer review post-webinar

  • Close and action plans