Case Studies

BaxterStorey Management Skills Development

BaxterStorey is one of Britain’s leading independent food service providers to the business and industry sector, operating on a national basis and employing several thousand people throughout the UK and Ireland. Productivity of their operational teams was far lower than expected for a business of its size and reputation; the Senior Management team suspected this was a result of underinvestment in developing management skills and invited Management Learning & Coaching to investigate.

Megger Instruments Ltd Project Management

Megger Instruments is a British company, with a global market, that designs and manufactures electrical test equipment and measuring instruments for electrical power applications. New product development is of primary strategic importance for the company to maintain its number one market position. Assessments showed that some development projects were being delivered several years late. This translated into cost overrun, lower ROI, dissatisfied customers and employee disengagement.The risk for the client was losing its market share to competitors who were delivering new products to market more quickly.

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Slough Borough Council Project Management

Slough Borough Council covers 15 wards and employs around 500 members of staff. The Council was in the midst of a Change Management programme, which surfaced three separate training issues across the organisation. In particular, ML&C identified that managers needed strong project management skills to ensure effective delivery of services that make a difference to residents and businesses (the Council’s service users).

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Yusen Logistics Sales Skills

Yusen Logistics is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK Line), one of the oldest and largest shipping companies in the world. 

European Operations for Yusen Logistics identified that their sales teams were trailing behind other parts of the global organisation. Their first action was to commission sales training from a company based in Holland. It soon became apparent that the training programme was de-motivating delegates and not delivering the required results.

Subsequently, ML&C was commissioned to bring their European sales team up to the world-class standard required to remain competitive.

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