with micromastery

“Without the support and

expertise of ML&C trainers and

coaches, we would be worse

off to the tune of millions

of pounds.”

Technical Director
International Electronics Manufacturer

Equip your managers to thrive in ever-changing environments


Activate intrinsic motivation to create long-lasting behaviour change.


How many of your managers see themselves as technical experts
first and managers second?


Capture evidence that  new skills

are applied and acted upon.


How do you usually monitor and

report on the outcomes delivered
by learning programmes?


Your people learn small,

learn fast and learn long

How often do your people get
right skills, at the right
taught in the right way?

Programmes tailored to your needs


What specifically is standing in the way of improved performance?


What skills do your managers need to perform with confidence?


ML&C works across three areas of capability which are key to unlocking management performance:

Personal & Interpersonal | Leadership & Management | Business & Strategic


How will your managers best learn and apply new skills?

Online | Classroom based | Blended | Self-directed | Coaching

How we work with you

We do what works: we start by gathering a deep understanding of your needs and expectations. We then help you build a learning culture using the latest research on learning and development; best practice for online and in-person learning; plus our own experience of how to deliver learning immediately applicable to the ‘day job’ so it sticks.

We keep our promises: when we say we'll help you embed skills for your people, we mean it. We don’t pluck programmes off the shelf and expect your people to fit, we tailor our learning so you realise the outcomes you need. If there’s a bump in the road we’ll address it with you, swiftly and constructively. We’re in it for the long haul.

We look after your people: we partner with our clients to understand your talent management needs and your organisational culture. Whether it’s moving delivery online so your people still get the management development they need or designing safe, inclusive, classroom based sessions, we ensure delegates are empowered to be active participants.