Creative Problem Solving

Online workshop aims

To support managers who are leading their teams through change and help them understand how to manage themselves and others with the techniques; to help them make the process as positive and successful as possible for their teams.

Webinar 1

  • Introductions and Personal Objectives

  • Setting the Context

  • Creative thinking process

  • The problem with problems

  • Mindset ‘stuckness’

  • Problem definition – some techniques

Webinar 2

  • Creativity – structured vs unstructured

  • Models to help

  • Reverse brainstorm

  • 6 Thinking Hats

  • Ishikawa

  • Applying these to a real ‘problem’

Webinar 3

  • Information collection & evaluation

  • Ensure all involved

  • How ‘unconscious bias’ gets in the way?

  • Problems with habits and ‘groupthink’

  • Problems with ‘OSINTOT’

  • Managing the process vs the outcome

Webinar 4

  • Decision-making processes

  • Weighted criteria

  • Getting agreement

  • Getting agreement and buy-in from all

  • Persuasive presentation

  • Budgeting

  • Project planning

  • Summary

  • Issues and objectives revisited


  • Integrated learning solutions designed and delivered with you in mind

  • Sustainable change through 'sticky learning'

  • An approach to engage all learning styles and personality preferences