Managing Difficult Conversations

Online workshop aims

When someone says ‘I need to have a difficult conversation with X, we first need to explore what they mean by difficult. As human beings we all find different things uncomfortable, challenging, even scary; yet fudging or avoiding essential conversations now is likely to lead to misunderstanding and potentially anger, upset or even a tribunal later on. This series of online workshops is designed to help you prepare, plan and execute any sort of conversation with a colleague, team member, customer or partner and work towards the best possible outcome for all concerned.

Webinar 1: Let’s explore ‘difficult’

  • Setting context and agreeing key objectives

  • What makes something difficult?
    −     What are our fears?
    −     What could happen?
    −     Past experiences?

  • Start at the beginning: Purpose of the conversation

  • Practical exercise – 5WH

Webinar 2: Planning the conversation

  • Understanding our Identity of Self and its impact

  • Desired outcome of the conversation

  • How to prepare for the meeting

  • Setting measures/expectations for the meeting

  • 7-Step Process – preparation

  • Communication Channel

Webinar 3: Best/worst case scenario planning

  • Johari Window – understanding myself and my impact on others

  • How to be persuasive – The 5-Step Wedge

  • Communication Channel – the how and what of the message

  • Dynamic listening – practical exercise

Webinar 4: Q&A and next steps

  • What fears do you still have?

  • 5 key communication strategies

  • Post-conversation review

  • Coaching circles: getting help with your difficult conversations

  • Action plans and next steps


  • Integrated learning solutions designed and delivered with you in mind

  • Sustainable change through 'sticky learning'

  • An approach to engage all learning styles and personality preferences

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