We start by asking questions.


Depending on the size of the learning project, our discovery phase may be anything from a single telephone conversation to a full consultation with members from all levels of your organisation. The important part is that we listen.

Every conversation starts with a blank sheet of paper and an enquiring mind



“I like the fact that ML&C listen to understand and to work with you

to find a solution, rather than just talk about their products.  It feels as though in partnership we have a solution, not trying to fit in or utilise something that we don't really want.”

During discovery we develop a comprehensive understanding of

  • your vision for the project, your objectives and your commercial reality

  • your learning environment

  • the real issues prospective delegates are facing

  • what has already been done in this area: what has and hasn’t worked to date

  • the success criteria for this project or development programme



ML&C works across three areas of capability which are key to unlocking management performance: 

Personal & Interpersonal

  • Self awareness/psychometrics

  • Writing Skills

  • Presentation Skills

  • Making Your Point Effectively

  • Persuasion & Influencing

  • Handling Difficult Conversations

  • Managing Myself

  • Stress & Resilience

  • Problem Solving

  • Decision Making

  • Mediation

Leadership & Management

  • Leadership Skills

  • Coaching Skills

  • Managing Others for New Managers

  • Managing Managers

  • Managing Performance

  • Managing Change

  • Effective Meetings and Minutes

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Project Management

  • Stress – Manager’s Role

  • Selection Interviewing

Business & Strategic

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Commercial Awareness

  • Professional Selling Skills

  • Key Account Management

  • Negotiation

  • Applied Marketing

  • Customer Care

  • Understanding Business Finance

  • Budgeting

  • Managing Strategic Projects

  • Finance for Non-Financial Managers

We will use our discovery findings with our experience in transforming management capability to design a training solution that will meet your objectives.   


I hear, and I forget,
I see, and I remember,
I do, and I understand


“ML&C re-established the credibility of the training in difficult circumstances and stepped it up to an exceptionally high level to a point where delegates re-engaged, learnt and practised how to become professional salespeople in a very competitive market.”

Real value is realised from training when delegates apply new skills successfully in the workplace. Our delivery is designed to increase the confidence and capability of your managers in a way that is visible across your business.


When we look at meeting your expectations and objectives, how we implement training is as important as what the delegates are training in. 


  • Learning is practical and applied, not theoretical

  • Skills development is related to specific challenges faced at work

  • Micromastery allows the learner to be creative in how they learn

  • Identity based learning to ensure long term behavioural change

  • Relevant and regular feedback & monitoring, for a return on expectation