Exceptional Customer Service

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Online workshop aims

Every single person in the organisation is an ambassador or a representative of that organisation at all times, however, for those on the front line, the skills, knowledge and attitudes of exceptional customer service are of paramount importance. The workshop aims to pare right back to the fundamentals; who is our customer and what do we know about their wants and needs? What do we want them to be, do, think, feel and say about us? From there it’s about building the skills, competence and confidence to deliver – right first time, every time.

Webinar 1

  • Welcome and objectives

  • Your customer experiences to date

  • Getting to know your customers

  • How well do you know your customers?

  • Key questions to establish fact from assumption

  • Pre-suppositions – how they can help - and hinder

Webinar 3

  • Locus of Control
    - What is it? The research
    -Where’s yours? And the customer’s?
    - Persuasive conversations – 5Ps model

  • Resilience – how to build yours
    - Why is it so important?
    - What helps – and hinders?

Webinar 2

  • The other side of the table

  • What do you want the customer to be, do, think, feel and say?

  • Language patterns – positive and negative

  • How to get it really WRONG!

  • Impact of getting it wrong – on the individual, the project, the company?

  • What do you remember about body language, eye contact, voice skills etc.?

  • Advanced skills – for phone, face-to-face or email

  • How do your EQ skills match up?

  • Case studies

Webinar 4

  • Pulling everything together

  • Building a customer service strategy

  • Create raving fans

  • FAQ

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