Handling Investigations Sensitively

Investigator desk with confidential docu

Online workshop aims

This programme is designed to provide you with the necessary skills and confidence to carry out investigations into grievances and disciplinary issues in a timely, efficient and sensitive manner.

Webinar 1: Types of Investigation

  • Welcome and learning outcomes

  • Scoping the issue
    - What is an investigation? Examples
    - Your experiences
    - Types of investigation
    - The Investigating Officer’s job description

  • What’s involved?
    - What, why, when, where and how to investigate
    - Who needs to be involved?
    - Collating, using and storing evidence
    - Case study part 1

Webinar 2: The Interview

  • Interviewing skills – quality conversations
    - Advanced questioning skills
    – Command, thinking, confirming
    - Case study part 2

Webinar 3: The Report

Webinar 4: Investigation Over - What Now?

  • Reporting skills
    - Note-taking and report writing
    - Tips and techniques for report writing
    - Reporting templates
    - Purpose and readership of the report – internal/external

  • Next steps
    - What could happen next? Alternative outcomes
    - Case study Part 3
    - Resources at your disposal – internally/externally
    - How and when to involve HR in the process
    - FAQ
    - Review and close