What becomes possible if you transform your management performance?

Managers are the engine room of your organisation and if they're not performing at their best, your organisation isn’t performing at it’s best.

Management Learning & Coaching Ltd are specialists in management development. We know we can transform your managers’ capability and confidence if we work together.



Your people learn small,

learn fast and learn long


Uses values-based motivation to
create long-lasting behaviour change

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Capture evidence that the new
skills are applied and acted upon

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Training tailored to your needs

  1. Discover: what specifically is standing in the way of improved performance?

  2. Identify: what skills do your managers need to perform with confidence?

    ML&C works across three areas of capability which are key to unlocking management performance.

    Personal & Interpersonal | Leadership & Management | Business & Strategi

  3. Deliver: how will your managers best learn and apply new skills?

    Instructor led classroom sessions
    Instructor led online sessions

How we work with you

We do what works: we help you build a learning culture using the latest research on learning and development and our own experience of running remote teams and delivering training remotely that sticks.

We keep our promises: when we say we'll help you embed skills for your people, we mean it. We aren't simply offering to deliver our existing training via video meeting; we're restructuring our programmes so they still deliver the outcomes you need.

We look after your people: we partner with our clients to understand your talent management needs and your organisational culture. Moving delivery online so your people still get the management development they need is now part of that journey.


  • Integrated learning solutions designed and delivered with you in mind

  • Sustainable change through 'sticky learning'

  • An approach to engage all learning styles and personality preferences

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