Image by Riccardo Annandale

Online workshop aims

At this time of immense uncertainty, flux and ambiguity, our need for stable, reliable and honest leadership has never been greater for organisations and the staff who work in them. The aim of these webinars is to explore some of the myths of leadership and to put it into the context of ‘what you do’ and ‘where you do it’. It then becomes easier to understand what you need to do as a leader, and thus any areas for improvement. Being a leader is ‘being yourself with skill’; by the end of this programme you will have absolute clarity of what leadership is and how you can get better at it.

Webinar 1: What is leadership

Webinar 2: Leadership and you

  • Leadership explained in its simplest form

  • Understanding my role and responsibilities within my organisation

  • Where should I be spending my time to add real value?

  • What is my mission?

  • Exploring the differences between managing and leading

  • So what? How this applies to you

  • The ‘what’ and ‘how’ of leadership

  • Where belief fits in 

Webinar 3: People and leadership

  • Leadership styles

  • Situational leadership in practice

  • Dealing with the challenges of situational leadership

  • The myths of leadership debunked

Webinar 4: Leadership and development

  • Looking after and inspiring your people

  • Developing your people

  • Developing your leadership skills

  • Making it all work