Leading Through Change

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Online workshop aims

To support managers who are leading their teams through change and help them understand how to embrace change and support the team through uncertainty.

Webinar 1

  • Introductions and personal objectives

  • Setting the context

  • Change – your situation and in general

  • Models of change – theory vs ‘reality’

  • How does your brain deal with change?

  • Conscious vs un-conscious brain activity

  • Rational vs emotional approaches

  • Impact on you and your team

Webinar 2

  • Lewin’s Model – Freeze-Unfreeze-Freeze

  • Your/the team’s experience

  • Which elements will remain unchanged and which will need to ‘unfreeze’?

  • Kotter’s model for change

  • The 7 steps and practical exercises

  • Making change stick

  • Forming new habits

Webinar 4

  • Putting the skills to work

  • Coaching your team for change

  • Review of learning

  • Action planning

  • Summary

  • Issues and objectives revisited

Webinar 3

  • Habit

  • Benefits of stability and certainty

  • How ‘unconscious competence’ hinders

  • Managing stress – what you need to know

  • The legal side

  • Your duty of care, foreseeability and how you can help your team