With Confidence

Online workshop aims

An effective presentation, whether on- or offline, adds credibility and value, both to individuals and to the organisations they represent. Poor presentations lose business. Hiding behind email or electronic written communication alone is not enough; people still need to speak to each other ‘face to face’ (on camera for the time being) in a range of formal and informal situations. Many find this difficult; this course will help you identify and overcome some of the difficulties and help you develop the vital skills of presenting yourself, your company, its products and services effectively, even by video/webinar.

Webinar 1: The process for preparing to present

  • Setting context and agreeing key objectives

  • Problems with presenting

        −   For the presenter and the audience

        −   Confidence vs competence

  • The process steps for every presentation: purpose, planning, production

  • Purpose and audience

Webinar 2: Planning your presentation

  • Style and tone – how to present so others listen and take action

  • Gaining agreement

  • How you ensure your presentation hits the mark

  • Persuasive presentations that work

Webinar 3: Production

  • Visual aids – what, how many, how to create

  • Logistics – preparing the environment

  • Start with the end in mind

Webinar 4: Practise makes perfect

  • What could go wrong?

  • How to deal with difficult people/situations

  • Q&A session

  • Close and action plans


  • Integrated learning solutions designed and delivered with you in mind

  • Sustainable change through 'sticky learning'

  • An approach to engage all learning styles and personality preferences