Purposeful Networking

Image by HIVAN ARVIZU @soyhivan

Online workshop aims

To help you generate more business by talking with business acquaintances about your business in a way that feels comfortable and authentic. To find ways of growing your network of warm leads without resorting to cold calling. To use the resources and networks you already have at your disposal to help more people and thus win more customers. To find new ways of getting the phone to ring, thus negating the need to chase business.

Webinar 1: Why Network?

  • Welcome and Introductions

  • The Big WHY
    −   Why is it important to build networks for the business?
    −   The impact of not networking
    −   How do you get new customers into the business currently?
    −   Statistics – where does your new business come from?

  • The NOOSE Model
    −   Need
    −   Obstacles to networking
    −   Opportunities
    −   Skills (confidence)
    −   Evidence for success

Webinar 2: Where to Start?

  • Need
    −   How many new customers do you need per year? Month?

  • Obstacles to Networking
    −   What stops you?

  • Opportunities for Networking
    −   Where are your prospective customers?
    −   Online – eg. LinkedIn
    −   Offline – face to face or phone

  • Skills of a Professional Networker
    −   How to prepare – before, during, after
    −   Dos and don’ts

  • Evidence for Success
    −   How will you know?

Webinar 3: Networking Skills

  • Questioning and Listening
    −   The priority
    −   What is active listening?
    −   Question – Listen - Summarise
    −   Practical exercise

  • Communication Styles
    −   What did you learn from the pre-work?
    −   About you? Others?
    −   How to speak others’ languages?

Webinar 4: Measures for Success

  • Models of Persuasion
    −   5Ps
    −   Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Influence

  • Your ‘Elevator Pitch’
    −   What should others remember about you?
    −   Practise

  • Evidence for Success

  • −  How will you know?