Remote Project Management:

Dealing with the 'distance' in social

Many of us are used to managing projects with remote staff or

subcontractors in different offices/sites. This can throw up all sorts of

challenges and opportunities for the experienced project manager; now

many more ‘reluctant’ project managers are having to do the same. In this

webinar we will address these challenges and draw on current experience and successes to work through the actions you can take, to ensure that your projects stay on track even when people are working from home. How do you ensure the time deadlines, cost projections and quality of product/scope of work are still achieved and you are seen as a successful Project Manager?


Key Account Management

Dos and don'ts when working remotely

Staying in contact with your key accounts in these times might feel like an

imposition as people struggle to find a way forward, and their focus is on

keeping their businesses alive. The key to this is what is key account

management all about; uncovering opportunities to help your client by

adding real value to what they do.

This webinar will help you with the thinking and action stages – the WHY, the WHAT and above all, HOW to do it when you only have a phone, email or Skype/Zoom at your disposal.


There’s a 3-stage process and it’s vital you get these stages in the right order:

  • Why should you be in contact with your key accounts?

  • What should you be saying?

  • How to do this using technology at your disposal

We will also discuss some of the pitfalls of the above and how to overcome them.


How to Win New Business, Now!

‘Whoa, hang on a minute, people don’t want to talk to me right now, they are trying to save their business, they are having to lay off staff, cash flow is tight or non-existent and they have got so many things to think about, they don’t have time to talk to me’.

Sound familiar? Yet the chances are, they still need to source the products and services required for their work. How do you put yourself in their shoes, consider their current needs from their side of the table, and get through to them in the first place?

  • Why should you be in contact with your key accounts

  • What should you be saying?

  • How to do this using technology at your disposal


Managing People Through a Pandemic

What if you don’t know where you are going tomorrow, let alone next week? What if you are as nervous and uncertain about the future is as everyone else? What if all you can focus on is the health and wellbeing of your ‘nearests and dearests’ needs right now?

Big questions that managers need to address. The themes in this webinar will help you to know what you can do, the behaviour you need to display and the actions you can take, that demonstrate great management so you will still have willing, motivated employees when the current tide turns.

Three things we will look at are:

  • Why – setting the direction

  • What – belief and personality

  • How – looking after your people


Dos and Don'ts of Written Communication

There’s a lot you can get wrong when communicating important messages in writing, especially if you’re delivering unpopular news, or are not completely confident in putting pen to paper. Many will procrastinate for ages and then just write without planning and thinking first.

This webinar will help you with the thinking stage – the WHY and the WHO of writing, which will put you in a much better position when putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard.

There’s a 3-stage process to writing, and it’s vital you get these stages in the right order:

  • Purpose – The Who and Why of writing

  • Planning – the What, before committing pen to paper

  • Production – the How, choosing and checking words, sentence structure, tone

This webinar will give you some tips and techniques for the first stage.


Making Learning Stick

Want to use this time of enforced isolation to learn some new skills? Afraid your memory is not quite what it was the last time you were in a classroom, or perhaps that your kids might show you up if you tried learning this ‘new-fangled’ maths or Jolly Phonics stuff with them?

Welcome to the world of Sticky Learning; from the rudimentary attempts of Hermann Ebbinghaus to improve his memory by learning 3-letter nonsense words back in the 1800s to some of the more contemporary theories, this webinar will give you some tips and techniques for making learning stick… and maybe taking some of the stress out of home-schooling your kids!


Managing Yourself Through Isolation

To say we have been thrown into a situation none of us could have contemplated at the start of 2020 is an understatement. Self-isolation and working from home, dealing with home-schooling, fear of serious illness, separation from vulnerable family members – each of these on its own could lead any one of us to feel stressed, anxious and fearful. This webinar will help you to understand a bit better which part of your brain is responsible for stress reactions, and how to recognise some of the signs and symptoms in yourself and others. We’ll encourage you to come up with some techniques that will help each one of us to relax, choose our state and get through the situation as positively as possible.


Staying Healthy & Safe

Have you ever gone upstairs to get something… only to get to the top and find you’ve completely forgotten what you went up there for? Or driven to work, and not remembered large parts of the journey? There’s a very good reason why these things happen, why your brain seems to delete things almost randomly, and you’ll be relieved to hear it has NOTHING to do with age! Your brain is actually trying to stop you going completely mad!

Sign up for this webinar and discover why the most robust health and safety policies won’t keep people safe unless they incorporate these vital rules of human psychology.


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