Writing That Gets Results

Checking Text on a Document

Online workshop aims

In these days of heightened uncertainty, remote working and people’s need to work flexible hours around family commitments, it is ever-more likely that we will have to communicate in writing for a ‘non-realtime’ reader. This series of online workshops will help you to prepare for and produce emails or other documents that get the results you want, when you want, even if you’re not confident about communicating important ideas in writing. These workshops will include aspects of mindset, some discussion on writing skills and on interpersonal techniques, such as working seamlessly with the ‘owner’ of the problem as well as writing persuasively. They will also help you to speed up the process of writing immeasurably.

Webinar 1: The process for writing

  • Setting context and agreeing key objectives

  • Problems with writing

        −   For the writer and readership

        −   Confidence vs competence

        −   The importance of asking the key questions

  • The writing process steps: purpose, planning, production

  • Purpose and readership

Webinar 2: Planning your writing

  • Style and tone – how to write documents that are read and acted upon

  • Gaining agreement

  • How you add value through your writing

  • Persuasive writing 

Webinar 3: Production

  • George Orwell's rules

  • Word choice, style, type of document

  • The art of summarising

Webinar 4: Polishing and next steps

  • How to check and polish your documents

  • Further writing exercises, tutor support and peer review post-webinar

  • Close and action plans

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